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Prentice Hall Online EssayScorer Introduction What is EssayScorer? This guide discusses the Prentice Hall Online EssayScorer powered by WriteToLearn. It talks about how students use the program and explains

Prentice Hall's EssayScorer is an older version of the same essay writing activities that you can find in WriteToLearn.

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1. Teacher Access for EssayScorer - Churchland Middle; 2. Teacher Access for EssayScorer - Cradock Middle; 3. Teacher Access for EssayScorer - Waters Middle. Begin by selecting one of the prompt names on the Select an Activity page. After selecting a prompt name, first read the essay prompt and then develop a thesis sentence in response and draft your essay. After you type your essay, click Get Feedback to have Pearson EssayScorer score your writing. Pearson EssayScorer will give you feedback on the parts of your writing that need improvement and the parts that look good. Use this feedback to revise your essay. Keep working until you have passed the thresholds for the activity you chose. EssayScorer is a component of Prentice Hall Literature Common Core Edition-a comprehensive literacy program that teaches the new standards and helps students.Support Documentation Prentice Hall EssayScorer Teacher Login There are four tools teachers use to complete their roster, assign prompts (pre made and teacher made), setup classes, setup student accounts, create and customize student activities. Teacher Tools Classes EditorEssayScorer and SummaryScorer are add-on products used by Reading Street and Prentice Hall Literature customers. The back end of these products is unique from Reading Street and Prentice Hall Literature, so you cannot link student accounts between the products, nor use EssayScorer and SummaryScorer in an existing integration or SSO setup. If you can export your existing list of users from Reading Street or Prentice Hall Literature, you can make it a csv file to upload the student into EssayScorer and SummaryScorer.

An administrator can upload a list of EssayScorer and SummaryScorer users manually from the Upload Roster tab. Roster files are comma-separated text files with one student record per line. While there is no limit to a roster size (other than your license), Pearson recommends uploading no more than 5,000 students at a time.The accuracy and effectiveness of PH EssayScorer has been positively evaluated by extensive field trials support by the National Science Foundation and the National Board of Medical Examiners. An identifiable thesis sentenceThe remaining licenses are also shown in this view. This value indicates the number of student accounts that still can be enrolled in classes in your school. Each time you enroll a new student into his or her first class (only), you will see licenses decrease by one. If you enroll existing students, the value does not change. See for details on how the licenses are affected by enrollments. To enroll a student into an EssayScorer or SummaryScorer class:Pearson EssayScorer Student Login answers Welcome! Type your ID and password in the boxes below, then select your school from the list and click ...Teacher Tools Additional documentation on report generation, student inteface, teacher tools, or FAQ's can be accessed here. PH EssayScorer Teacher Login Answer: Teachers can view student work at any time and access class and student reports to monitor progress. ... Prentice Hall Online EssayScorer Author: Pearson Answer: Student Portal Suffolk Public ... Calendars. Student Calendar; Elementary School Testing; Middle School Testing; High School Testing; ... EssayScorer BTWES; CES; DES ...Literature opens minds. It should also open doors to a student’s future. Prentice Hall Literature Common Core Edition is a comprehensive literacy program that teaches the new standards and helps students become better readers, better writers, and better thinkers so they’re better prepared for college, careers, and beyond. You can be confident that what you are teaching meets the Common Core framework. EssayScorer is a component of the Prentice Hall Literature program that automatically scores student writing.