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Use writing your personal essay not as another opportunity to fret about the stressful college application process, but rather as an opportunity to be creative, to reflect on your life experiences thus far, and to express yourself and get your story on paper. For more college essay writing tips and tricks, you can join --a knowledge-sharing platform that allows for live video conversations with people about topics that are meaningful to both of you. As a college applicant, you can use Konversai to connect with a current college student or anyone else who can give you advice on writing your essay or provide you with feedback on an essay draft. Konversai encourages users to be both providers and seekers of knowledge on as many topics as you wish. So once you have the stress of college applications out of the way, you can also create a provider listing for whatever you wrote your essay about. Knowledge providers have the option of charging for their time, so you can save up a bit before heading off to college. Start the adventure today with Konversai!

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Can you just imagine getting top-quality writing help from the real professionals during the next few hours? Using our essay writing help is the same as hiring a personal tutor. You can have an essay exclusively performed for you due to your requirements and delivered before deadlines. Either pick up the phone and order your essay or read on to get familiar with the effective essay writing tips!

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Do you feel like your spirit dies a little bit each time your instructor assigns a new essay to write? Do you put off the until the last minute and internally curse the writing gods as you scramble to get it done? Well, you’re in luck because we’re going to help you out with some super helpful, easy to implement essay writing tips.

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