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It should be noted that [as of 1/13/15] this essay does not appear in the The original polygamy essay is there, along with the other essays, but this essay and the post 1890 Polygamy essays are not included in the essay list. Why would this be? As we stated in our to the essays, the Church doesn't really want all of its members to read these essays. The Church appears to only want members that already know about these issues to read the essays. The essay on Plural Marriage in Kirtland & Nauvoo can only be accessed via .

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The essays on plural marriage are among a dozen new essays on church history and doctrine released by the church over the past year, , which is owned by the church.

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Ironically, we did not need to wait long for this assertion. Evidently, it can be found in Denver’s essay on plural marriage. On page 38 he provides a modified drawing originally penned by Orson Hyde where he identifies a line of priesthood authority. Snuffer then writes in the names of early patriarchs who held the priesthood in a continual line from Adam to Melchizedek. Then he writes: “After the days of Shem, who was given the new name ‘Melchizedek,’ the direct line of the Patriarchs fell unto apostasy and lost the birthright. There was no continuation of the line of government because it was broken by apostasy and had to be restored again (p. 38).”

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