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To rightly prepare for this Issue Essay in GRE, one has to make the effort for attempting those GRE issue essay's sample questions. Learning as well as reading is crucial, but also is writing as well as applying the knowledge you have. It will give you the practice and you'll also know as to how the real test could be, apart from knowing what the test pattern is, ascertaining if you can complete the given test in the time allotted etc. and more than anything, it will make you very familiar and easy with the actual test. All this will help you gain confidence plus remove all your inhibitions.

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It will be a huge mistake if you try and attempt the given essays in this section in a way you've been writing essays before in the classes. The issue essay in GRE needs a sufficient amount of prep before the real test. When preparing for this issue essay, you need to understand and know as to what all can be asked in an issue essay. You also ought to know the essay's total word limit, the time allotted as well as the maximum marks you can score in this writing section.

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