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It is really good to have technologies. But, you cannot really say that a essay grading software can be able to make good decisions about grading and rating your essay.

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In regards to the statement “The technology is available therefore we should be using it?” I strongly do not believe that just because the technology is available we need to use it.
There are millions of technologies that are available but do not and have not reached its expected goal. As much as I believe technology generally should be embraced, I believe it should be embraced at a stage where it has been proved to achieve its goal with little negative impact. Such is the essay grading software which is a good technology with remarkable growth , helping professors to save time and also ensuring essays are graded in a uniform manner considering the mind of humans can vary in emotions and state, where as the software would not be prone to any form of emotional fluctuations’, biased views and a lot more.
As much as I believe this technology should be embraced and implemented into more areas of education, I don’t think it has gotten to that stage of artificial intelligence.
One major benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the emotional state of your professor when going through your essay. And professors would have a wider reach of students to attend to.

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Whatever its shortcomings and the potentially disastrous long-term consequences of its overuse, essay grading software will save time and money and facilitate the convenience of online learning. Thus it will be embraced widely and quickly, especially in MOOCs and other enormous classes where grading essays is challenging and often .

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