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You can write an essay on book by following the given guidelines if you do not know about how to write an essay on a book:
1. Clearly define your subject of essay on book in your mind.
2. Think over it, until ideas about it come into your mind and jot the points down on paper as they occur to you – numbering them.
3. Classify these points in groups under suitable headings, rejecting any that are unsuitable.
4. Arrange these headings in a bare outline for an essay on book.
5. Now begin to write the essay on books, dividing it into paragraphs.
6. The essay on a book should consist of introduction, body and conclusion.
7. For your essay on book, make the introduction arresting.
8. Keep the parts of the body of the in proper proportion; and take pains in choosing words, constructing sentences and building up paragraphs.
9. Make the conclusion effective and satisfying.
Write essays on books in a simple, concise, clear, direct and natural style.

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