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After taking a short break from writing, get back to the first draft and focus on your argument. You make sure that in the second draft, your argument appears in the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Students often hire an online essay editor in order to build consistency throughout the content. On the other hand, students can also ask someone for feedback and comments rather than taking essay assignment help. For example, you may have a friend, your partner, a fellow student who already has completed his or her task (you can give feedback on his writing in return). Take note of their comments and see whether it is necessary to employ them.

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We will soon talk in more depth about organization, but, for this assignment, remember that there must be some logical organization to your essay. You will need to decide what this logical organization will be. One likely choice is to organize your essay geographically, taking readers from one part of your town or neighborhood to the next or from one part of the nature scene to the next. Another option would be to organize your essay as a "narrative," or a story. For example, you might describe a visit to one of your favorite places in nature, taking readers along as you describe your journey to and your arrival at this place. On the other hand, you might decide that your essay is more effective if you organize it around different details of the subject, grouping related details into paragraphs. There is no set organizational pattern for you to follow for this essay assignment. The organization is up to you, but the logic behind the organization of the essay should be clear to readers.

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