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Essay 4 Grade C answer As the novel progresses, it becomes clear to the reader that the hero, Jay Gatsby, is a criminal. We are not given much detail, but we learn that his business associate, Meyer Wolfshiem, is the gambler who fixed the baseball World Series in 1919, when the defending champions were bribed to lose some of their matches. Tom reveals that Gatsby is a bootlegger, importing and selling alcohol under the counter in drugstores, even though Prohibition laws made this illegal. Gatsby is also involved in something else which Tom s friend, Walter Chase, was too scared to tell him about. Gatsby offers Nick a little business on the side, which has nothing to do with Wolfshiem. This might have something to do with the strange phone call Nick takes at Gatsby s house after Gatsby s death. Somebody had been picked up passing counterfeit or stolen bonds. This question is really asking whether someone as criminal as Gatsby can ever be called Great. It is Fitzgerald s narrator, Nick Carraway, who calls Gatsby Great because he admires him, and yet Nick also says that Gatsby stands for everything he despises. We need to explore Nick s character to understand why he admires a crook. Nick fought in the Great War and obviously had a great time, so when he returned to America he was bored and restless. He turned his back on the family business and the girl he was expected to marry, and he went to New York in search of excitement. By the time the novel opens Nick is nearly 30 years old and his father is still supporting him. He has achieved nothing with his life and has no ambition except a vague dream of fabulous wealth. He picks up a girl in the office and drops her as soon as her brother takes notice. He enjoys being Jordan Baker s escort for a while because she is a famous golfer who has had her picture on the covers of magazines, but then he drops her too. This man who has a boring life and no future to look forward to meets a man with a fantastic dream. Gatsby is a self-made man, having started life as the son of a not very successful farmer. He has the fabulous wealth which Nick dreams of and, if the numbers of people who flock to his parties are anything to go by, he is very popular, unlike Nick who does not tell us about any of his friends so presumably he does not have any. Then Nick finds out that the reason Gatsby has acquired all this wealth and attracts all these people is that he has a grand passion for a rich girl he fell in love with before he went to war. Daisy is now married and in the social class which has no contact with men like Gatsby, so he tries to attract her to him by throwing extravagant parties which attract famous celebrities. To Nick this seems so romantic that he is easily persuaded to help Gatsby in his attempt to seduce another man s wife. Nick invites his cousin, Daisy, to tea and, of course, Gatsby shows up. However, the scene is not romantic enough for Nick. Instead of going into the 4

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